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Measure Wood Modulus with Sound

The material stiffness or Young's Modulus of wood can be extracted from the sound the wood makes when struck.  Simply hit the wood with a solid object such as a household hammer (does not have to be a special instrumented impact hammer) and measure the natural frequency with a microphone and RIONOTE spectrum analyer.  Young's Modulus can then be calculated with the simple forumulas below.

First, calculate the density of the sample.

Wood Modulus_Density_Equation

ρ: Density (kg/m^2)
M: Mass (kg)
W: Width (m)
D: Depth (m)
L: Length (m)

Second, hit the wood with the hammer and find the peak frequency dislayed on the RIONOTE analyzer.

Finally, enter the frequency, density, and wood sample length into the formula below.

Wood Modulus_Equation

Ef: Young's Modulus
L: Length
fO: Peak Frequency
ρ: Density

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