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More Consistent and Realistic Measurements

GRAS kb500X pinnaeThe GRAS pinna has been improved to provide more realistic and consistent measurements of in-ear, supra-aural, and circumaural devices. They are compatible with KEMAR and 43AG Ear & Cheek Simulators.

Read a White Paper explaining the technology.

Come see the new pinna at the Audiology Now! Exhibition in Phoenix on April 13-15.

Environmental Test Chambers by Russells

Russells Environmental Chambers

  • Reach-in Chambers
  • Altitude, Humidity, Temperature
  • Portable Conditioning Units
  • Walk-in and Drive-in Sizes
  • AGREE Chambers
  • Industrial Freezers
  • Thermal Shock
  • Controllers


PCH420 HART Vibration Transmitter

Wilcoxon PCH420V HART Transmitter

  • Standard 4-20 mA Output plus HART Signal
  • 3 Adjustable Filter Bands
  • RMS, Peak, True Peak Detection
  • Field Programmable


FT-2500 FFT Tachometer

Ono Sokki FT-2500 FFT Tachometer

  • Calculates RPM from FFT
  • Works with Almost Any Periodic Signal
  • No Reflective Markers Required
  • DC Analog and Pulse Outputs
  • IEPE and 12 VDC Sensor Power
  • Go/No Go Comparator Functionality


ACAM 100 Beamforming System

acam 100 beamforming system

  • Beamforming for <$9K
  • Low Cost Digital MEMS Mics Combined with Industry's Best Algorithm by Optinav
  • Single Cable (USB) PC Connection
  • Simple To Use


Olive Tree Lab - Terrain

Olive Tree Lab Terraing

  • Outdoor Sound Propagation
  • Most Modern Wave Based Algorithm for Higher Accuracy
  • Also Supports Traditional ISO 9613-2 Processing
  • Affordable Price
  • Part of OTL Suite


Fieldpaq II Portable Analyzer by Benstone

Fieldpaq small

  • 4 Channels with IEPE Power
  • 5 Inch Color Screen
  • Vibration Meter and Balancing Options
  • Route Collection Software Available
  • Rugged IP65 Rating
  • Download and Reporting Software Included
  • Easy to Learn User Interface


Wilcoxon REF2510 Calibrator

2510R Accelerometer Calibrator

  • 1 G Pk and RMS Modes
  • Three Selectable Frequencies
  • Convenient Calibration of Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement
  • Up to 250 gram Mass
  • Unique Adapter for Simultaneous Triaxial Calibration
  • 2510R Adds IP54 Protective Boot for Drop Protection


G.R.A.S Founder Turns 90

Gunnar Rasmussen Turns 90


Gunnar Rasmussen celebrates 90.

More details

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