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SoftdB OBSI Tire/Pavement Noise System

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OBSI Tire/Pavement Noise System

  • On-Board Sound Intensity
  • AASHTO Designation: TP76-10
  • Single or Dual Probe Configurations (Leading, Trailing Edge)
  • Turn-key Dedicated System
  • Tachometer Input

The OBSI Tire/Pavement Noise System measures the sound intensity emitted by tires as the vehicle is moving. It is a turn-key system that can be configured with one or two intensity probes to monitor the leading and/or trailing edges. Unlike other systems that are based on general purpose spectrum analyzers, the SoftdB OBSI system is dedicated to just the OBSI task so it is much easier to use.

More information on the SoftdB Website

Download this file (OBSI Spec Sheet.pdf)SoftdB OBSI Tire/Pavement Noise System[Brochure]486 Kb