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Olive Tree Lab - Room

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Olive Tree Lab - Room Module

  • Room Acoustic Modelling
  • Hybrid ray tracing based on image source method
  • ISO 3382 Room Acoustics Parameters
  • 2D/3D Mapping of parameters and criteria (RT, STI)
  • Convert material surface impedance to absorption coefficients
  • Affordable Price
  • Part of OTL Suite

Olive Tree Lab - Room is a 3D room-acoustic modelling software addressing room acoustical design of performing spaces and/or typical rooms and provides ISO 3382 Parts 1 & 2 acoustical parameters by which one can evaluate the acoustical quality of the spaces under study.

Olive Tree Lab – Room provides system designers and consultants with a unique set of tools for all aspects of professional applications, from realistic modeling and simulation of room acoustics and sound system performance. It is equipped with a powerful measuring system that allows users to measure impulse responses in a room. Using Ray Tracing, the user can define the number of rays they wish to calculate, and auralise the sound of the room.

The benefits of upgrading OTL-Room to OTL-Suite other than having a complete solution which includes environmental acoustics and open-plan office calculations, are the additional tools offered with it, i.e. Multilayered Structure Builder and the Sound Distribution & Scattering Polar Plot.

The Sound Distribution & Scattering Polar Plot can be used to calculate sound distribution and scattering and in the future other coefficients such as sound diffusion and scattering coefficients.

This tool is very handy in room acoustics in designing auditorium sound reflectors and can be used in many ways for example to detect from individual reflectors first order reflections or first order diffractions or first order sound reflections and diffractions to investigate sound distribution within the audience. Once the desired result is obtained the cumulative effect of reflectors (all or part) can be investigated in the 3D environment with infinite number of reflections and diffractions. In other words, the initial design may need improvements, due to the effect of all the geometry in a 3D model.