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Olive Tree Lab - Office

Office Large



Olive Tree Lab - Office Module

  • Optimize Speech Privacy and Distraction in Offices
  • Hybrid ray tracing based on image source method
  • ISO 3382 Office Acoustics Parameters
  • 2D/3D Mapping of parameters and criteria (STI)
  • Affordable Price
  • Part of OTL Suite

Olive Tree Lab-Office is a 3D modelling software which deals with the optimisation of open plan offices in terms of speech privacy and work distraction by activities in neighbouring working stations. Olive Tree Lab - Office assists designers (acousticians, architects and others) in assessing the acoustics of open plan office working spaces and offers the possibility to minimize interference among working spaces by virtually experimenting with the use of acoustical materials and smart furniture layout. OTL-Office is based on ISO 3382-3.