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Rion NL-42/52 Sound Level Meter

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NL-52/NL-42 Sound Level Meters

  • Class 1 NL-52, Class 2 NL-42
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Large Color Screen
  • Fractional Octave Option
  • FFT Option
  • Sound Recording Option
  • Data stored in .txt and .wav format for easy PC processing

The NL-52 and NL-42 were developed with ease of use in mind.  The user interface is so intuitive reading the manual is not necessary. Data is natively stored in common .csv text format onto an SD card. Just pop the card into a PC and view in Excel.  Batteries are standard AA (including rechargeables). The large 3" color screen makes data viewing easy while leaving room for screen navigation.

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Rion NL-42 NL-52 Recording Feature

Sound Recording Option

Raw time signals can be recorded along with levels with various triggering and timing strategies.  The recordings are in common .wav format (uncompressed) which are easily imported, played, and processed in a PC.

Rion NL-42 NL-52 Fractional Octave Option

Fractional Octave Option

1/1 and 1/3 octaves analysis are performed in real-time.  Current and stored results can be overlaid and compared.  NC curves can be displayed along with NC value.

FFT Option

FFT Option

Investigate tonal sounds with very fine 8,000 line FFT to 20 KHz.  Past and current results can be overlaid for comparison.  Highest peaks can be dislayed in numerical format.

Rion AS-60 Software

AS-60 and AS-60RT Data Management Software

For archiving, diplaying, and processing of data acquired by Rion meters.  Undesired sections can be excluded and sound files can be played back.  AS-60RT adds support for fractional octave data support.

-- Watch a Video Introduction --

Home > Products > Acoustical > Sound Level Meters > Rion NL-42/52 Sound Level Meter