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Qref Sound Power Reference Source


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Qref Sound Power Reference Source

  • Lightweight 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg)
  • 4.2" Diameter x 6.5" Height (106 mm x 165 mm)
  • 1/3 Octaves: 50-8,000 Hz
  • Tripod Mountable in Various Orientation
  • ISO 3747 / 6926

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Sound power reference sources are the calibrators for the acoustics of spaces whilst they are used to determine sound power identification.

Qref is a unique sound source for regular verification of acoustic rooms for product testing, machinery testing, anechoic rooms, reverberant rooms. Another main application for this product is sound power identification on-site of for example installed machinery or larger installations.

The small size, weight and signal control on the Qsources Qref make it specially suitable for is this type of sound power identification in difficult spaces. Exceeding ISO 3747; Qref allows an even more accurate identification with multiple positions on all the test-object faces or surfaces. Qref can also be applied for Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) type of measurements of rooms, halls, other acoustically coupled systems and other airborne excitation applications.

Qsources Qref is a unique sound power reference for several reasons:

  • a well defined monopole source with a high acoustic impedance
  • driver and intergrated sensor technology allowing the application of different signals (e.g. equalized white/pink noise, chirps, sine sweeps, MLS)
  • exceeds the ISO 6926 requirements in the 50-8000 Hz bands
  • incomparably lighter and smaller than any other sound power reference of similar output level on the market
  • Electronic control is sensing, correcting, steering the driver, and steering the real time power proportional sound power signal

The set includes a dedicated Infra-Qsources QamR amplifier and is delivered with an individual certification according to ISO 6926.

Home > Products > Acoustical > Sound Power > Qref Sound Power Reference Source