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Qmir Miniature Sound Power Reference Point Source


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Qmir Miniature Sound Power Reference Point Source

  • Hemispherical Omni-Directional
  • 0.8" Diameter (20.5 mm)
  • 1/3 Octaves: 200-16,000 Hz
  • 80 dB Lw Pink Noise
  • ISO 3747 / 6926

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Qmir is a very compact power reference monopole source with high acoustic impedance. The small size of the Qsources Qmir make it especially suitable as a reference for large-count antenna measurements. The 20.5 mm. diameter allows a verification of the geometrical resolution down to +- 3cm. Next to this, the soundpower proportional signal allows a unique verification of the level identification through the antenna sensors, hardware and software processing.

Next to the standardised sound power reference applications, the compact size and frequency range make this source attractive for airborne power insertion in spaces or enclosed volumes for Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA). Measurement rooms and even small noise emission test-beds can be calibrated using Qmir. Test set-ups include regular verification of product testing or machinery testing, smaller anechoic cabins and smaller reverberant cabins.

Qmir is also highly suitable for in-situ sound power identification in difficult or narrow spaces. The ISO 3747 procedure can easily be applied and the product even allows a more accurate identification with multiple positions on all the test-object faces or surfaces.

The set includes a dedicated Infra-Qsources QamR amplifier and is delivered with an individual certification according to ISO 6926.

The Qsources Qmir is a unique sound power reference for hemisphere applications for several reasons;

  • Despite its extremely small dimensions, this piston source allows broadband application from 200 Hz upwards to 16000 Hz at sound power level of 80 dB Lw for pink noise.
  • It exceeds the ISO 6926 requirements in the 200-16000 Hz bands,
  • It is incomparably lighter and smaller than any other sound power reference of similar output level on the market. Real time sound power proportional signal is available.
  • The internal sensors measure the driver’s activity and determine whether its within the controlled working range (temperature and amplitude).
Home > Products > Acoustical > Sound Power > Qmir Miniature Sound Power Reference Point Source