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Brands Offered

Brand Description Area Available

Vibration Monitoring and Protection Systems, Spectrum Analyzers Western USA
Spectrum Analyzers, Vibration Condition Monitoring Systems, Vibration Protection Systems Americas
Spectrum Analyzers, Shaker Controllers Western USA
  Accelerometers, 4-20 mA Transmitters, Protection & Monitoring Systems, Proximity Probes Western USA
Anechoic Chambers, Acoustical Enclosures MI, OH
Vibration Testers, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Shaft Alignment USA
Gill-Sensors-Oil-condition-sensors Oil Condition Sensors Western USA
Microphones Pacific Northwest USA
Modal Shakers USA
Data Acquisition Systems, Signal Conditioning Western USA
Particle Velocity Sensors, Acoustical Imaging Western USA
Microphones USA
Dodecahedral Speakers, Directional Speakers, Tapping Machines Americas
Sound Level Meters, Noise Monitors, Speaker & Microphone Testing Systems Western USA
Air Quality Monitors USA
Laser Vibrometers USA
Spectrum Analyzers, , Laser Vibrometers, Tachometers Western USA, MI, OH
Brand Description Area Available

Optomet-laser-vibrometer Laser Vibrometers USA
OROS spectrum analyzers Spectrum Analyzers Western USA
PCB microphones accelerometers Microphones, Accelerometers USA
PEMARD Acoustical Modelling and Prediction Software Acoustical Modelling and Prediction Software USA
  Dodacahedral Speakers, Sound Power Reference Speakers, Monopole Speakers, Tapping Machines USA
Rion Sound Level Meters, Vibration Meters, Data Recorders, Volume Meters, Viscosity Meters USA
Sentek Dynamics Shakers Amplifiers Shakers, Shaker Amplifiers Western USA
Acoustical Beamforming USA
Sinus Spectrum Analyzers sound level meters Spectrum Analyzers, Sound Level Meters, Noise Monitors, Impedance Tubes, Ground Vibration Western USA
softdb-spectrum-analyzers-sound-intensity Spectrum Analyzers, Sound Intensity Americas
sonotec-ultrasonic-testing-devices Ultrasonic Testing Devices USA
Structural-Vibration-Solutions-operational-modal-analysis-software Operational Modal Analysis Software Americas
svantek-sound-level-meters Sound Level Meters, Vibration Meters, Monitoring Systems, Human Vibration, Dosemeters N. America
TFAcoustics-impedance-tubes-pavement-absorption Impedance Tubes, Pavement Absorption Tubes USA
vibrant-modal-analysis Modal Analysis Software Americas
FlexPro-Software FlexPro General Purpose Data Processing and Reporting Software Americas
Wilcoxon-accelerometers Accelerometers, 4-20 mA Transmitters, Juction Boxes, Vibration Calibrators Pacific Northwest USA
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