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3-Series Analyzers by OROS

oros 3series analyzer

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3-Series Analyzers

  • 2 to 3 2 channels per mainframe
  • Simultaneous FFT, Fractional Octave, Order Tracking, Level Analyzer
  • Real-time or Post-Process
  • Built-in Hard drive (OR36, 38)


The OROS 3-Series are PC-based analyzers well suited for sound and vibration appications.  They consist of hardware connected via ethernet to a PC running control, procesing, and display software.  Because the analyzers have hardware DSP, they can compute FFT, Fractional Octave, Order Tracking, Levels, and other metrics simultaneously.  Application specific configurations are also available such as Sound Power, TurboMachinery Analysis, and Sound Quality.


oros hardware


OROS 3-Series is offered in 4 chassis sizes.  Each chassis has hardware DSP for fast processing.  Channel count is chosen by populating the chassis with input boards.

 oros nvgate  

Software - NVGate

NVGate software controls the hardware and displays results. NVGate can also be used to post-process recorded data.

 oros nvgate solutions


OROS Solutions provide dedicated user interfaces for specific applications.

 oros mobydisk


  • SmartRouter for Remote and unattended monitoring
  • Strain Gauge input modules
  • Removable Hard Drive