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GL7000 Data Acquisition System

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GL7000 Data Acquisition System

  • No Programming Required
  • Modular, Expandable
  • Temp., Strain, Voltage, IEPE, Pulse, etc.
  • Analog In/Out Recorder Function
  • Push Button or PC Operation
  • Built-in Web and FTP Server

The GL7000 is a flexible data acquisition and data logger platform due to its modular construction.  Various input and output modules are attached to the main module to support various sensors.  An alarm module is included with the base system.  Each unit can support up to 10 input/output modules.  Up to 10 units can be connected together via USB Hub or LAN for large channel count and distributed systems.

Multiple Usage

Touch Screen

The GL7000 can serve many functions.  It can be used as a stand-alone trouble shooting tool much like an oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer.  

The GL7000 can also be used as an unattended data logger. Data can be periodically fetched by physically visiting the unit or by remote connection. In this mode, the GL7000 is operated with the optional touch screen.  It can also be operated with a PC connected with USB.  Easy to use control software comes with every unit.

Selectable Storage

It can be embedded into a system such as thermal chambers or other testing machines. The unit can be hidden inside the testing machine and the detacheable touch screen display is mounted on the machine outside panel via a cable.

Data can be saved in various places to suit requirements. Fast signals can be temporarily stored onto the RAM memory in each input module. The main module has 2 GB of Flash memory to accept transfer from input module RAM memory or directly from the input modules. Larger amounts of data can be stored on the optional 64 GB SSD module.

The GL7000 supports removable SD cards and USB drives.  Data can also be transferred to PC.

Remote Operation and Monitoring

The GL7000 can be operated from anywhere one's Ethernet network reaches. Each unit can have its own IP address and the address can be served with the built-in DHCP client.

The built-in webserver allows the unit to be controlled with just a web browser.  It also has a built-in FTP server including Push capability for automatically transferring data to a remote PC.

Large Channel Count and Distributed Systems

Expanded System

Up to 10 GL7000 units can controlled with a single PC connected together via USB or Ethernet for up to 1,120 channels (depending on input/output modules on each unit).  Up to 5 units can be sychronized with a sync cable for more precise timing.


GL7-DCB Strain Module

GL7-CHA IEPE, Charge, Voltage

  • Bridge Amp
  • 100 Ksamples/sec Max
  • 4 Channels
  • 100 Ksamples/sec Max
  • 4 Channels
  • TEDS Support

GL7-M Temperature/Voltage Module

GL7-DCO Voltage Output Module

  • Thermocouple, RTD, Voltage
  • 100 samples/sec Max
  • 10 Channels
  • Turns 7000 into "Tape Recorde
  • Analog Output of any Recorded Signal
  • 8 Channels

GL7-HSV High Speed Voltage Module

GL7-HV High Voltage Module

  • 1 MSamples/sec max
  • Simultaneous Sampling
  • 100 Volts max
  • 4 Channels
  • 1,000 V Max
  • 1 MSamples/sec
  • 2 Channels
  • Real-time RMS Measurements

GL7-V Voltage Module

GL7-L/P Logic/Pulse Module

  • 100 V Max
  • 1 KSamples/sec Max
  • 10 Channels
  • Simultaneous Sampling
gl7-l p
  • Logic: 1MSamples/sec
    Pulse: 10 KSamples/sec 
  • 16 Channels
  • Simultaneous Sampling
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