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GL2000 Data Logger/Scope

Graphtec GL2000 Data Logger/Scope

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GL2000 Data Logger & Scope

  • Logger and Oscilloscope
  • 4 Channels
  • Voltage, Temp., Humidity, Pulse, Logic
  • 1 Msamples/s
  • CAT III 600 V
  • No Programming Required
  • Built-in Web and FTP Server

The GL2000 is a multi-function device.  It can be used as a portable oscilloscope as well as a long term data logger.  It measures various parameters including voltage, temperature, humidity, pulse, and logic.  It is even suitable for high voltage applications since it is CAT III rated.  Best of all, no programming is required.  The GL2000 has an intuitive user interface operated with physical buttons.  Software is included to review and report data.