FlexPro by Weisang


FlexPro Software

  • Import data
  • Post Process
  • Create Reports
  • Automate with Templates
All without programming

Presentation and analysis at the click of a button

FlexPro is the powerful, intuitive software application for analyzing and presenting your data and excels particularly well at analyzing dynamic processes.

Since its introduction in 1991, FlexPro has impressed scientists, engineers and others all over the world who work with technical data due to its speed, ease of use and overall performance.

FlexPro goes even one step further. Not only will you be able to organize, analyze and present your data in the future by just clicking a button; if you want to, you will also be able to share your templates and results among colleagues on your network just as quickly and easily.

Easy to organize and share …
  • Import your data in all popular formats (such as Excel, ASCII, database and measurement system/acquisition software binary file formats).
  • Clearly and reliably manage all of your data and projects in the centralized project database.
  • Speed up the exchange of information – share your templates with your team.
Easy to analyze …
  • Start analyzing your data at the click of a button.
  • Ensure the units are correctly interpreted and adapted using the new SI Unit Manager.
Easy to visualize …
  • Create custom templates for analysis and presentation.
  • Analyze synchronously recorded audio, video and measurement data using the new Media presentation object. And turn data into knowledge

 Sound and Vibration Specific Modules

  • Spectral Analysis: FFT, SRS, Cepstrum, Color Spectrograms
  • Digital Filtering: IIR, FIR Filters
  • Acoustics: SLM, Loudness, 1/3 Octave
  • Order Tracking
  • Human Body Vibration
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