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ACAM 100 Beamforming System

acam 100 beamforming system

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ACAM 100 Beamforming System

  • Beamforming for < $9K
  • Low Cost Digital MEMS Mics Combined with Industry's Best Algorithm by Optinav
  • Single Cable (USB) PC Connection
  • Simple To Use

The ACAM 100 is a "game changer" in the beamforming market. By using inexpensive, mass produced, digital MEMS microphones, beamforming is now available for under $9,000.

The low cost hardware is combined with the best beamforming algorithm on the market. Signal Interface has partnered with Optinav and has integrated the software developed by Dr. Robert Dougherty, one of the pioneers of beamforming.

Operation is simple. Plug the single USB cable to a PC and run the ACAM 100 software. Place the cursor on the desired frequency in the spectrum and the results are displayed.

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