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Sonotec Sonascreen

  • Leak Detection, Partial Discharge Localization, and Buzz, Squeak & Rattle
  • Shifts Ultrasound to Audible Range for Listening on Headphones
  • Adjustable Filters for Easier Source Location
  • Up to 100 KHz Bandwidth
  • Archiving and Reporting PC Software
  • Well Priced

  • Up to 44.4 KHz Bandwidth
  • Class 1 Sound Level Meter
  • Same features as 977A but higher max frequency
  • Optional 1/3 Octave, FFT, and Sound Recording
  • Popular for Animal Studies
  • Gunfire and Other High Level Measurements

  • Wideband Sensing from 20 - 100 KHz
  • Listen to a Single, a Portion, or All Frequencies for Better Noise Discrimination
  • Live Simultaneous Color Spectrogram
  • Easy to use PC software for Route Collection
  • Built-in Camera for More Complete Documentation

  • Simplest, Most Affordable Model in Sonaphone Family
  • Live┬áNumerical Level Display
  • Airborne and Vibration Applications
  • Audio Output for Headphones

  • Use on vehicles, windows, doors, and containers
  • Place transmitter on one side and listen for leaks on the other side
  • Simple audible feedback with recordable measurements
  • Compact spherical or hemispherical speaker array
  • No special training required

Home > Products > Ultrasound