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Sonaphone Ultrasonic Detector by Sonotec

Sonaphone Ultrasonic Detector

  • Wideband Sensing from 20 - 100 KHz
  • Listen to a Single, a Portion, or All Frequencies for Better Noise Discrimination
  • Live Simultaneous Color Spectrogram
  • Easy to use PC software for Route Collection
  • Built-in Camera for More Complete Documentation

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The Sonophone is unique in the ultrasound sensing market.  Other devices are tuned to a single frequency (usually around 40 KHz).  But the Sonophone can sense all frequencies between 20 to 100 KHz which comes in handy when there are other noises nearby the target.  Just touch-select the frequency or frequency range on the color spectrogram and listen through headphones.

The Sonophone consists of various sensors that can be plugged into a ruggedized Android device.  The airborne sensor works well from detecting leaks and partial discharge.  The vibration sensor is useful for bearings, lubrication, and steam trap evaluation.  There is even a sensor for measuring vibration and temperature simultaneously which is great for bearing health monitoring.


Leak Detection

Save up to 35 % energy costs of compressed air systems.  Specialized app to calculate the amount of certain gasses lost.


Bearing Monitoring & Lubrication

Contact probes for early warning of bearing failure.  Audible feedback for lubrication.  Simultaneous temperature measurement

Steam Trap & Valve Inspection

Detect operational status of steam traps and valves

Seal Evaluation

Place optional omni-directional transmitter inside and evaluate seals in containers, automobiles, windows, doors, etc.


Detection of Partial Discharge

Short range detection with airborne probe or long range sensing with parabolic sensor.

Home > Products > Ultrasound > Sonaphone Ultrasonic Detector by Sonotec