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Sonaphone Pocket by Sonotec

Sonaphone Pocket

  • Simplest, Most Affordable Model in Sonaphone Family
  • Live Numerical Level Display
  • Airborne and Vibration Applications
  • Audio Output for Headphones

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The Sonophone Pocket is the "point and shoot" version of the more full featured Sonophone.  Aim the airborne sensor at or touch the vibration sensor on the target, read the levels and listen to the frequency shifted ultrasound.  The Sonophone Pocket is already tuned to the most commonly used ultrasound frequency of 40 KHz.  Little training is required. 



Complete Set

Everything in a case

Leak Detection Set


Includes flexible airborne probe

Airborne Probe

Air leaks and seal integrity

Vibration Probe

Bearings and valves

Long Contact Probe

Convenient bearing contact

Flexible Airborne Probe

For hard to reach air leaks

Parabolic Dish

Long Range partial discharge

Omni Transmitter


Container or vessel seal evaluation

Home > Products > Ultrasound > Sonaphone Pocket by Sonotec