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Seal Evaluation System by Sonotec

Seal Evaluation System

  • Use on vehicles, windows, doors, and containers
  • Place transmitter on one side and listen for leaks on the other side
  • Simple audible feedback with recordable measurements
  • Compact spherical or hemispherical speaker array
  • No special training required

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The Sonotec Seal Evaluation System consists of an ultrasonic sound source and a sound detection system.  The source is placed on one side of the seal and the sensor is moved along the seal to detect leaks. 

Ultrasonic frequencies are used because their short wavelengths allow the sound to go through minute holes and crevices.  The sensing system shifts the detected ultrasound down to audible frequencies so that the user can simply listen for leaks using headphones.  

Depending on which sensing system is chosen, in addition to the auditory feedback, the user also sees a live numerical display of level and a scrolling color spectrogram (amplitude vs. frequency vs. time).

Applications include vehicles, windows, doors, and weather proof containers.


As the name implies, the Sonosphere is a sphere with multiple speakers emitting ultrasound in all directions.  It can be mounted on a small tripod or the sphere can be split in half with each half mounted onto walls with the suction cups or magnets.  The hemisphere mounting is useful for in vehicle applications for targeting window and door seals on the opposing sides.

The volume output of the Sonosphere can be adjusted for comfortable listening levels.  Also, the modulation of the signal can be selected to produce a more unique sound so that the listener can more easily identify the leak even in a noisy environment.



Sonotec offers two system for detecting the sound escaping through the leaks.


The Sonaphone is Sonotec's premium ultrasonic measuring system.  It can be used as a simple listening device like a stethoscope or as an advanced analysis tool showing sound pressure level as well as computing the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) spectrum.  It can record the .wav file for future listening.  Optional software is available to archive, organize, and report recorded data.


 Sonaphone Pocket

The Sonaphone Pocket is the lower cost and simpler alternative to the Sonaphone.  It displays the sound pressure level and drives headphones.  Various tips are available.

Home > Products > Ultrasound > Seal Evaluation System by Sonotec