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OMS LaserScan LS01

OMS LS01 Laserscan Scanning Laser Vibrometer

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LaserScan LS01
Scanning Laser Vibrometer

  • Compact, Portable System
  • Programmable Scan
  • No Beam Focusing or Surface Treatment Required
  • Heterodyne Detection for High Measurement Sensitivity
  • Large Variety of Data Analysis and Filtering Options
  • 3D Animation and Visualization of Results
  • Easy-to-Use Point and Measure Operation

The OMS LaserScan LS01 Scanning Laser Vibrometer is a compact, portable, competitively priced, and easy-to-use precision instrument for whole field non-destructive testing and non-contact vibration measurement of any surface. The LaserScan LS01 uses the patented LaserPoint engine together with computer controlled scanning mirrors and a comprehensive software package to quickly produce vibration maps of any surface. The system is optimized for measuring distances from about half a meter to five meters, so there is no need for adjustments, lens accessories, or object treatment, thus ensuring the highest level of measurement accuracy.

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