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ME'scopeVES Modal Analysis Software

  • Modal Analysis
  • Operating Defelection Shapes (ODS)
  • Output Only Modal (OMA)
  • Structural Dynamics Modification (SDM)


 ME’scopeVES (Visual Engineering Series) is a family of software packages and options that make it easier for you to observe, analyze, and document noise & vibration problems in machinery and structures. ME’scopeVES is used to display and analyze experimental multi-channel time or frequency domain data, acquired during the operation of a machine, or forced vibration of a structure

Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS)

An ODS shows how your machine or structure is moving, and whether or not there are excessive vibration levels. ME'scopeVES has been specifically designed to make it easier for you to observe and analyze a variety of vibration and acoustics problems in machines and structures. By animating the ODS's of a structure in slow motion, you can see what can't be seen any other way; a structure's overall motion and the motion of one part relative to another. Excessive vibration levels and loose or damaged parts are easily identified from an ODS display.  Visual ODS lets you see how a machine or structure is moving by animating ODS's directly from a set of time domain of frequency domain experimental data.

VT-620 Visual ODS is the basic package.  VT-420 Visual ODS Pro includes all of the features of Visual ODS, plus VES-3000 Signal Processinng which provides advanced signal processing and analysis features. Visual ODS Pro includes an FFT for analyzing data in either the time or frequency domain. If also contains the unique capability to process operating (response only) data to obtain a set of ODS FRFs measurements.

Modal Analysis

BridgeTestVT-570 Visual Modal includes all of the features of Visual ODS Pro, plus VES-4000 Modal Analysis which provides features for processing vibration measurements to obtain modal parameters. With Visual Modal you can identify the frequency, damping & mode shape of the modes of a structure from experimental data.  VT-550 Visual Modal Pro adds features to Visual Modal with both VES-3500 MIMO Modeling & Simulation and VES-4500 Multi-Reference Modal Analysis.

Structural Dynamics Modification (SDM)

Once you've determined that there is a resonance problem in your machine or structure, the next question is, "How can the problem be fixed?"  Visual SDM & Visual SDM Pro help you investigate alternative solutions to resonance problems. Visual SDM & Visual SDM Pro adds additional tools for investigating structural modifications to all of the ODS and modal analysis features of either Visual Modal or Visual Modal Pro. The Structural Dynamics Modification (SDM) method lets you simulate the effects that a variety of potential modifications will have on the resonances of a structure without having to actually make them.

VT-540 Visual SDM includes all of the features of Visual Modal, plus VES-5000 Structural Modifications. VT-560 Visual SDM Pro includes all of the features of Visual Modal Pro, plus VES-5000 Structural Modifications.

Operating Modal Analysys (OMA)

OMA is also known as Output Only Modal. For cases where excitation forces cannot be measured and only operating responses can be acquired, modal parameters can be extracted from a set of specially processed Cross Spectra or ODS FRFs. This option adds special windowing and other features to the Multi-Reference Modal Analysis Option, and provides a complete set of capabilities for extracting modal parameters from measurements made in any type of testing environment. VT-910 Visual OMA includes VT-550 Visual Modal Pro plus the VES-4700 Operating Modal Analysis option.

Experimental FEA

VT-920 Visual Experimental FEA includes the VT-570 Visual Modal package plus the VES-8000 Finite Element Analysis Option.This package calculates the normal or complex modes of a structure from a finite element model. It contains a library of finite elements which includes springs, masses, dampers, rods, bars, plates, and solid elements. It also includes the FEA assistant for quickly populating any structure model with finite elements. Mode shape expansions are also obtained from an FEA model and experimental data. FEA models can also be imported and exported in several popular FEA file formats, including the NASTRAN format.

VT-930 Visual Model Updating includes the VT-560 Visual SDM Pro package plus VES-9000 Finite Element Model Updating Options. This package finds the 10 Best solutions that update properties of an FEA model so that its modes more closely match a set of experimental modes. Property changes include mass, spring, and damper changes, rod element cross sectional area, beam element cross sectional area and inertias, plate element thicknesses and material properties (elasticity, Poissons ratio, & density).