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Olive Tree Lab - Terrain

Olive Tree Terrain



Olive Tree Lab - Terrain Module

  • Outdoor Sound Propagation
  • Most Modern Wave Based Algorithm for Higher Accuracy
  • Also Supports Traditional ISO 9613-2 Processing
  • Affordable Price
  • Part of OTL Suite

Olive Tree Lab -Terrain is the first product launched by PEMARD in 2011. A noise prediction wave based geometrical acoustics software which simulates and predicts Outdoor Sound Propagation and Noise Barrier efficiency, taking into account geometrical spreading, atmospheric absorption, atmospheric turbulence, ground and objects impedance, spherical wave reflection and diffraction effects of natural or man-made objects in a 3D environment. Olive Tree Lab -Terrain produces unique sound mapping demonstrating wave interference, calculates Impulse Response and displays Frequency Response results in high frequency resolution, 1/3, 1/1 octave bands and dB(A).

Home > What's New > Olive Tree Lab - Terrain