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GL840 Battery Testing

This app note introduces a simple and inexpensive method of simultaneously monitoring and recording voltage, current, temperature, humidity and other metrics related to battery testing.

GRAS 42AG Calibrator

  • 94 or 114 dB
  • 250 Hz or 1 KHz
  • IEC: 60942 class 1
  • ANSI: S1.40
  • Fits 1", 1/2", 1/4", 1/8" mics

Graphtec GL2000 Data Logger/Scope

  • Logger and Oscilloscope
  • 4 Channels
  • Voltage, Temp., Humidity, Pulse, Logic
  • 1 Msamples/s
  • CAT III 600 V
  • No Programming Required
  • Built-in Web and FTP Server

Precision Filters CompactDAQ

  • For CompactDAQ™ and CompactRIO™
  • Modular Design
  • Bridge
  • Charge and IEPE
  • Filters

Graphtec GL7000

  • No Programming Required
  • Modular, Expandable
  • Temp., Strain, Voltage, IEPE, Pulse, etc.
  • Analog In/Out Recorder Function
  • Push Button or PC Operation
  • Built-in Web and FTP Server

146AE Rugged Automotive Microphone

  • Shock & Drop Resistant
  • Water, Oil and Dustproof (IP67 Rated)
  • High Temperature (250F)
  • Replaceable Filter in Gridcap
  • Power On Indicator
  • Repairable Diaphragm

VM-63C small

  • Simple Vibration Measurements
  • Touch Surface, Click Measure
  • Built-in Accelerometer
  • Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement
  • Listen to Vibration with Earphone

Wood Modulus_Pic_small

Measure Young's Modulus or stiffness of wood with a household hammer, microphone, and Rion's RIONOTE analyzer.

GRAS Listen Headphone Testing SeminarIndustry experts Steve Temme (Listen, Inc.), Peter Wulf-Andersen (G.R.A.S.), and guest speaker Chris Struck (CJS Labs) present techniques in headphone testing.  Locations are Seattle, Los Angeles, and Silicon Valley.

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